scadat is a linux command line interface to the open source scada Tango_logo

For help: scadat -h

Usage: [-h] [-v] [-t T] [ -l | -r R [R ...] | -a A [A] | -c C [C] | -p P [P]]

Linux command line interface to tango

optional arguments:
  -h            show this help message and exit
  -v            increase verbosity using -v,-vv,-vvv
  -t T          Override TANGO_HOST environment variable e.g.
                scadat -l -t
  -l            List tango devices
  -r R [R...]   Read attributes,commands and properties for devices: e.g.
                scadat -r sys/tg_test/1
  -a A [A]      Read/Write attributes: e.g.
                scadat -a sys/tg_test/1/string_scalar 'hello world'
  -c C [C]      Read/Write commands: e.g.
                scadat -c sys/tg_test/1/DevLong 1234
  -p P [P]      Read/Write properties: e.g.
                scadat -p sys/tg_test/1/myproperty test

Install on debian or ubuntu
1. Install PyTango
sudo apt-get install python-pytango
2. Install scadat
sudo pip install scadat or
sudo pip install --no-deps -I 'scadat==0.4.8' # install older versions

------- will run unit tests.
scadat has been tested on debian and ubuntu but should run on other os

1. scadat can be used alone or in combination with unix tools like grep ,sort 
    scadat -l | xargs scadat -vvv -r  # list all values on a TANGO bus
    scadat -r sys/tg_test/1 | sort
2. TANGO_HOST default= To override default modify TANGO_HOST variable or -t command line option. 
3. A script can be used to search for tango systems using ip addresses. netcat (nc) must be installed.
4. Use regexf to define a tango naming convention. Then use scadat to check if names are correct .e.g. scadat -l | xargs regexf -v
5. Properties registered using jive do not appear if registered using default property tango ticket (#121, #777)
6. "scadat -p sys/tg_test/1/myproperty test" throws an exception (but property is still registered)?
7. contact martinmohan(at) to report bugs

0.1.5 (30/05/2014) Initial version
0.4.2 (28/12/2015) scripts #!/bin/bash->#!/bin/sh (better posix compliance)
0.4.8 (16/09/2016) Updated help menu
0.4.10 (13/10/2016) SUPER_TANGO=true This disables access control (To re-enable set environment SUPER_TANGO=false)